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Gilet Camille

Bonjour les tricopines! Retour des tutoriels gratuits sur Le Crochet d’Argent après une petite pause! Je vous offre aujourd’hui les explications d’un gilet qui m’a été commandé récemment: Camille le voulait ample, moelleux, oversize et avec des manches 3/4. Très facile à réaliser, il convient même aux tricoteuses débutantes qui... Lire plus »

Chasing Blizzard

Hi Everyone! Today, I present you Chasing Blizzard, a pattern made at my husband’s request and part of a KAL organized on Mastodon, a young decentralized social network. This beautiful scarf with multiple stripes is created by Kati Gumenius. You can find the free pattern on Ravelry. I contacted Kati... Lire plus »

Crochet lace mittens

Hi crocheters and knitters! I offer you today the pattern of a creation made for me a few years ago, that I have made again this year: the crochet lace mittens. Very feminines with grey colors and delicate openwork pattern, they warm up your pretty hands as you need and... Lire plus »

Officer sweater

Hello, I present you today the last sweater for my son: an “officer” sweater, made with “Sport” of Bergère de France, found in the book “Tricot Kid 154”. It’s the sweater you’ll find page 10 here. Unfortunetly, I can’t give you the pattern because the book is still on sale,... Lire plus »

Christmas 2017

Today I present you my favourite, a very beautiful sweater, so sweet, so light, to warm up your Christmas. It’s the first KAL I made, as I have already write on Facebook one week ago. You will find this beautiful KAL here. Knit with DROP Air, “brouillard” color (not grey),... Lire plus »