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Shawl Jardin de Monet

Good morning everyone! Small holiday break for the creations, but the needles and the hook still work! I give you an appointment at the beginning of the school year for many new creations, while waiting I present you my summer achievements! Here is today a light shawl for summer evenings,... Lire plus »

Top watermelon

Bonjour à tous et toutes, On continue notre série tricots d’été avec un top coloré qui m’a été commandé par ma fille. Elle a elle-même inventé le design et m’a dessiné le patron pour créer le top “de ses rêves”. Il devait être turquoise et jaune, avec des vagues, sans... Lire plus »

Flower Hat

Hello everybody, Spring is here, summer comes slowly: it’s time to crochet a beautiful sun hat! I offer you today the pattern of a sun hat, created specially for my daughter. She wishes a light hat, white color with a blue stripe, and a daisy, a poppy and a leaf... Lire plus »

Hogwart sleeveless sweater

Hi everybody! Today I present you a little sweater for moms Harry Potter’s fan, like me! With Ravenclaw colours for me, but adaptable for all Hogwart Houses! It is knitted here for a little boy but it’s a unisex sweater that will look just as good on a little girl!... Lire plus »

Litte Fairy

Good morning! A little tinker inspired by the crochet-friends and their pretty creations published on facebook groups! A simple and fast version (approx. 4 hours) to make: a double-crochet rectangle tulle to close the “rectangle” in the back and to make the shoulders, still tulle for the skirt Have a... Lire plus »